The wishes of the Mayor for 2021

“Cari San Fiurenzinchi,

After a particularly challenging 2020 in many ways, marked by a global health crisis, 2021 opens with hope for better omens.

In spite of this still troubled context, it is in my name and that of the entire Saint-Florent City Council that I offer you my best wishes for happiness and prosperity in this new year.

May 2021 be a year of peace and success for you and your loved ones in all areas of life. At this special time, the context allows me more than ever to wish you a healthy year for all of you and your loved ones.

We are indeed living in difficult times and we are going through a crisis of unprecedented magnitude since the post-war period. It is in this unprecedented situation that the new municipal team took office a few months ago, plunged into urgency from the first hours of the mandate.

This context requires us to redouble our effectiveness and we have a clear vision of the trajectory to follow in order to emerge serenely from the tormented era we are living in.

Despite these turbulent times, we have positive prospects. Some of our projects, such as the Aliso Bridge, have already been launched and many of them are already underway. I am thinking, for example, of the expansion of the school, the new multipurpose room, the modernization of the wastewater treatment plant and the development of the northern entrance to the municipality.

I associate with these various achievements, as with others, past and future, my assistants, the members of the city council and all those who have made them possible.

On the eve of this new mandate, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the newly elected officials every success and good luck in their new positions. To meet the challenges that lie ahead in the next six years, I know they will be able to rely on all municipal staff.

The investment of our agents, indispensable to the functioning of our commune, is indeed no longer to be demonstrated. This daily involvement, like that of the associative fabric in many areas, finds a very special echo in the troubled period we are going through. Allow me here to thank them warmly.

More than ever, this global crisis teaches us collectively that the values of proximity, solidarity and listening must be the red thread of our daily action to work together for the development of Saint-Florent and the well-being of its inhabitants.

Pace è salute à tutti ! “

Claudy Olmeta

Mayor of Saint-Florent