The maintenance area

The Maintenance Area

More commonly known as the “fairing area”, the harbor maintenance area, located behind the toll parking, offers multiple services.

Crane Service

For launching and dismounting boats up to 22m long and 6m maximum width.
The hoist crane has a maximum capacity of 60 tons.

Cranes are made with appointments, either on site with our secretary (Nathalie Santucci) or by phone +33 4 95 46 09 79 or by mail to: grutiers
Two crane operators are on site all year long to meet the demands of boaters and boating professionals.
The maintenance area has 15 to 18 seats (depending on the size of the boats), for boat maintenance and repairs.

The area is perfectly equipped in bers to receive all types of boats (sailboats or motor), the equipment is new.
The rigging of the sailboats is doubly assured with the installation of straps and concrete blocks, if the sailboat is light with a large The service also has strap markers that are attached to the boats according to their propulsion systems, to avoid damaging the boat and the probes.
The straps are doubled for cranes of boats over 35 tons.

Our crane operators can perform up to 400 rigs during the season + about 300 launching.

“Clean point” service

Boaters have at their disposal a recycling center that includes:

  • A tank for the drain oils
  • A bowl for edible oils
  • A tank for used fuels + hydrocarbons
  • A bin for the collection of mechanical filters (air, gasoline, oil)
  • A storage area for used batteries
  • A secure cabinet for obsolete distress flares (we remind you that distress flares are pyrotechnic articles with large quantities of explosive active substances and therefore represent a potential danger).

Thank you to consult the employees before depositing your waste!

When the tanks are full, a private company comes on site, either to exchange them with an empty tank, or it pumping them.

Each change of tank or pumping is billed at the port of Saint-Florent but deposits remain free for boaters and boating professionals.

The rockets of distress are harvested by a private company which makes all the turn of the ports of Corsica.

All other recyclable residues such as metals, wood … are taken to Saint-Florent recycling by crane operators (see our article on recycling for more details).

N.B .: Producers and holders of used cooking oil (HAU) must comply with the general regulations for non-hazardous waste (Articles R. 541-7 to R.541-11 of the Environmental Code). As such, used food oils HAU can neither be eliminated according to the conventional household waste circuit nor be discharged into the wastewater networks.
It is forbidden to mix used cooking oil with other products or waste. They must be collected and processed by an approved structure, ie holder of a prefectural approval.

Pumps on the maintenance area

Pumps for filtering effluents from the maintenance area

  • Two fixed pumps with a tank buried under the maintenance area recover all the effluents that flow from the area via a gutter.
  • The effluents are mechanically filtered by a screen (separates the large residues), they then decant during at least 24 hours in the tanks.
  • The pumps then send the effluent to a column of filters that remove the suspended solids, hydrocarbons and heavy metals.
  • Finally, the effluents thus filtered are discharged into the port safely.

Fixed pumps for gray water and black water

  • The pump has 2 inputs: one for gray water (running water used on boats) and one for black water (septic tank)
  • Gray water is sent into the gutter of the maintenance area to be filtered
  • The black water is sent directly into the sewer system to reach the wastewater treatment plant (see our article on the Saint-Florent wastewater plant).

Mobile pump for gray water and black water

There is also a mobile pump for black water and greywater available to boaters.

It can be brought closer to the boats but it is also necessary that a manhole is nearby in order to be able to reject the black water there.
These pumps are available to boaters, they can be used on request.

Pollution barrier

The maintenance zone also has an anti-pollution dam ready to be deployed very quickly in case of proven pollution in the port.

The Maintenance Area opening hours

Low season (from January to April and from October to December):

  • Monday to Thursday: 9 h 00 – 12 h 00 and 14 h 00 – 17 h 00
  • Fridays: 16 h 30

High season (from May 1st to september 30st):

  • Monday to Thursday: 9 h 00 – 12 h 00 and 14 h 00 – 18 h 30
  • Fridays: 9 h 00 – 12 h 00 and 14 h 00 – 18 h 00
  • Saturdays: 9 h 00 – 12 h 00
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