Application for the awarding of an annual space – 2025

NB: The annual places for the year 2024 were awarded

Please find enclosed the form for the application of an annual space.

The applications for the annual spaces should be transmitted to the marina office with a copy of the boat’s documents before November 2024.

Annual space requests will be sent to this address →

Application for the awarding of a winterizing space – 2024/2025

Requests for wintering places must be sent to this address →

with a copy of the boat’s papers before September 2024.

The wintering period lasts 9 months and 20 days from September 1, 2024 to June 20, 2025.

There is also a second wintering period from January 1, 2025 to June 20, 2025.

Application for a modification of boat and post

The forms for a change of boat and post only concern those who already have an annual space and would like to change their boat or post.
We remind you that your contract stipulates that “before taking any decision to get a new boat, you imperatively have to be put in contact with the marina office to make sure that the characteristics of your next unity correspond with those of the space you are in. Otherwise, the modification of space is not guaranteed.”
We thank you for transmitting the enclose form duly filled so that we can reply as soon as possible.

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