Saint Florent’s harbour

Saint Florent’s harbour

At the heart of the village, at the bottom of the citadel’s ramparts

While sailing along the occidental coast with its hilly, wild landscapes, you will pass the Mortella’s peak to discover the Saint-Florent’s gulf and, on the background, the village which gave its name to the gulf. Sheltered from the winds, it offers a safe anchorage to the boaters who come to dwell there.

The main interest in the Saint-Florent’s harbour is indisputably its situation at the heart of the village, at the bottom of the citadel’s ramparts, so that you can stroll along the colourful, charming quays.

You will enjoy walking around the harbour, and when evening comes, facing the sunset, while sipping some drink or having dinner at the terrace of many restaurants, you will appreciate the ambient hustle and bustle heightened by a little night market. A lot of shops (fitting shops, launderettes, groceries, etc.) are reachable on foot from the quays.

The harbour’s capacity equals 920 mooring places. It welcomes boats from 4 to 48 meters long, in various arranged basins. Every passage boat can contact the marina office through canal 9, and will have to declare itself before coming in the harbour.

The harbour staff will determine the mooring place of the boats according to their length and draught.

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The marina office, which is located on the Saint-Florent’s harbour, at the bottom of the St Anne’s parish church, is welcoming the boaters from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. during the summer. The boaters must present themselves at the marina office once the boat is moored with the boat’s papers to pay the space at the harbour.

The sanitary block (shower + toilets) is located at the floor of the marina office. You can buy a token for the shower at the counter and the Wi-Fi code is given for free to the boaters by the receptionists.

The sea weather forecast is displayed at the marina office twice a day and is broadcasted continual on a screen, and is visible during night.

With the marina office, boaters can book their passage space via the website:

The Saint-Florent’s Harbour in a few figures

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