arreté prefecture maritime


In accordance with decree n ° 2020-1310 of October 29, 2020 prescribing the general measures necessary to deal with the epidemic of covid-19 in the context of the state of health emergency, the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean has taken a new decree number 218/2020 of 2 November 2020.

This Order specifies the authorized and unauthorized government guidelines at sea for the containment of Covid-19.

Are allowed

  • Recreational vessels or holders of a weapons licence implemented in the context of professional activities and also in the context of training, training or maintenance,
  • The practice of professional and high-level athletes,
  • The practice of sports activities of school and out-of-school,
  • Sports activities participating in university training.

Are prohibited

  • The practice of water sports and pleasure boating (kite-surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddle, snorkeling, snorkeling etc),
  • The nautical events events.

At sea and ashore, these provisions are designed to actively combat the spread of Covid-19 by restricting all unnecessary travel. This also helps to preserve the means of emergency at sea and dedicate them more specifically to possible health interventions related to the current epidemic.

The persons concerned must be in possession of the sea travel certificate to download by clicking on the button below.