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The SNSM station of Saint-Florent celebrates its 130th anniversary!

Sunday, December 08, 1889 was inaugurated the rescue station at sea of Saint-Florent,
it is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year!

History of the SNSM Station of SAINT-FLORENT  logo snsm

It is the sinking of Semillante to Lavezzi, on February 15, 1855, which is at the origin of the creation by Napoleon III by decree of the Central Society of Rescue of Naufragés recognized of public utility on November 17, 1865, completed in 1875 by the Hospitalers Sauveteurs Bretons.

It was the sinking of the Tasmania, British steam, on the reefs of the monks in the night of 16 to 17 April 1887, which made aware that Corsica was totally devoid of rescue structures at sea.

  • In 1888, were inaugurated the stations of Bonifacio with the whaling “Providence” and Bastia with the whaleboat “La Colomba”.
  • On May 13, 1889 was inaugurated the Ajaccio station with the whaleboat “La Secourable”.
  • Sunday, December 08, 1889 was inaugurated the station of Saint-Florent at the same time that is blessed the whale “Immaculate Conception” by Father Paganacce, pastor-dean.

The godmother is Miss Madeleine Farinole and the godfather is his cousin François de Morati.

IMMACULEE CONCEPTIONIn 130 years, the station of Saint-Florent was presided by among others by:
  • Tiburce de Morati, mayor of St-Florent and general councilor until 1914;
  • Hilaire Feydel from 1918 to 1926, long-distance captain;
  • Robert Feydel from 1932 to 1935, long-distance captain;
  • Marcel Feydel from 1964 to 1975, general councilor;
  • Marcel Feydel from 1975 to 2011, Honorary President since, former Mayor of Saint-Florent;
  • Marc Gonzales from 2012 to 2018;
  • Daniel Muller since May 18, 2018.
And knew many bosses:
  • Sylvestre Pietri           1890-1892
  • François Scotto         1893-1913
  • x.. Alessandrini          1919-1925


  • Louis Brignole            1965
  • Pierre Granarolo        1965
  • Pierre Agostini           1972
  • Jean Dizabeau            1978 -1997
  • Stéphane Bracq          1997- 2004
  • André Costa                2004 – 2010
  • Daniel Muller             2010 – 2018
  • Sauveur MASCIA      since May 15, 2018


Since its inauguration in 1889, the sea rescue station of Saint-Florent has seen a fleet of ever more efficient vessels following the evolution of the port, the development of recreational boating, increased interventions and navigation of more and more off:

  • 2 wooden whalers “IMMACULEE CONCEPTION” then “CHARLES ET HENRI”,
  • a fast zodiac ALIX,
  • a Boston Whaler “ESPADON” – SNS 312,
  • the first “CONCA D’ORU” – SNS 205 2nd class star in 1977,
  • the “CONCA D’ORU II” – SNS 126 star of 1st class in June 1990, with the “CONCARELLA” – SNS 403 Boston Whaler
  • the “JACQUES ET MICHELE” – SNS 2027 a Bombard, gift of a boater in support of the SNS 126.
  • The “CONCA D’ORU” – SNS 165 since May 13, 2017

Fire and mobilization

On October 31, 2014 a fire completely destroyed 3 ships in the harbor including the CONCA D’ORU II which had just received 2 new engines and a complete renovation.


Thanks to the awareness that Saint-Florent could not remain without means of rescue at sea and to the general mobilization of all the partners, State, Territorial Collective, Departmental, elected officials, administrations, boaters, personalities and local companies which associated at SNSM, the construction of this new-generation, 15-meter “CONCA D’ORU” – SNS 165 class, combining performance and safety, unsinkable and self-adjusting, in 2 years at Chantier Bernard de Locmiquelic has been finalized.

During construction, the station was able to operate with the reserve star “NOTRE DAME DE LA SERRA II” – SNS 123 of 35 years of age.


The implementation of this V1NG patrol boat requires a crew (always volunteer), seasoned and increasingly qualified to provide assistance and rescue missions at sea, in collaboration with air, sea or land, at the disposal CROSS LA GARDE and CROSS MED IN CORSICA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Some crew members have more than 35 years of seniority in the crew of the rescue station at sea of Saint-Florent and allow the transmission to the youngest of the values that are theirs “VIRTUS AND SPES”.

It is the 3rd boat of this type in Corsica after AJACCIO in 2005 and PORTO-VECCHIO in 2010.

45 assistance trips have already been completed since his arrival from Port Saint-Louis du Rhône to Saint-Florent on May 13, 2017.

  • 2017 was the fiftieth anniversary of the SNSM resulting from the merger of THE CENTRAL SOCIETY OF SAVING NAUTHERS and HOSPITALERS SAVERS BRETONS in 1967.
  • 2017: the SNSM has been declared a National Great Cause.
  • 2019 is the 130th anniversary of the creation of the SAINT-FLORENT Sea Rescue Station

SNS 126- NUIT 7

Thank you to Mrs Jacquouton for the text and photos.

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