The decree of May 18, 2020 of the Maritime Prefect of the Mediterranean, sets the conditions under which these activities can be carried out, taking into account the authorizations for access to the maritime space set by the prefects of the department. In accordance with this decree :

The navigation of pleasure boats is free, with no limit on the distance from the home port or mooring buoy :
the call in a port, the stop and the anchorage cannot be made beyond 54 nautical miles (approximately 100 km) from the home port or the mooring buoy, in coherence with the restrictions of movement on land ;
stopping and anchoring, launching of boats and scuba diving are prohibited within 500 meters of the coastal zones whose access ban has not been lifted by the prefects.
The practice of nautical leisure activities (kite-surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddling, snorkeling, etc.) is free, however it may be restricted by the local possibility of reaching the maritime area.

A frequently asked questions section detailing the application of this decree for a wide variety of cases is available on the website of the Préfecture maritime de la Méditerranée.

After several weeks of inactivity for crews and yachtsmen, and therefore a period without verification and routine maintenance of equipment, the Maritime Prefecture recommends proceeding before any sea trip to :

  • the verification of his good physical condition;
  • the verification of the general condition of the vessel (engine, sails, anchorage, etc.);
  • The conformity and condition of the mandatory safety equipment;
  • the control of the ability to maneuver;
  • the verification of the reception conditions of the port of destination.
  • Finally, the Maritime Prefecture reminds that it is essential to have a means of communication with a charged battery to reach CROSS Med if necessary (at 196 from any telephone or channel 16 by VHF).


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