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Saint Florent’s port is for the initiative of the creation of a college degree ” Management of the marina and environment “.

The use and the conception of marinas considerably evolved during these last years. They are not any more limited to their only technical function, but are conceived from now on as a structuring equipment, so allowing to revitalize a part of the coast, with a more and more important environmental consideration.

Because of an increasing demand between years 60-70 and 2000 of places into the port for the ships of sailing, the realization of marinas was made at a sustained pace during the last decades ( 80-90 ), quite particularly on the Mediterranean coast (Corsica not this report; most from not its ports having been built during this period).

The bodies administrators of ports (municipalities / chambers of commerce and industry/private sector) apply of staff capable of analyzing and of solving the various problems bound to the management of a marina which implies very diverse and varied missions (e.g. waste management, analysis and control of the rejections, the environmental management, the standards and the environmental regulations, the economic, marketing activities). Corsica possesses at present 27 marinas distributed on the whole coast. Whether it is by its financial side or its environmental implications, the stake which represents the construction or the extension of a marina (for the case of Corsica) does not limit itself any more to nautical considerations.

Yet this day, no training addresses this function. The implementation of this University degree “Management of Marinas and Environment” (OF THE GPPE) aims to be to answer this request and will be the first one, from a national point of view.

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