éco geste

Campaign Eco-friendly gestures Mediterranean Sea

As part of the Mediterranean Eco-Gestures campaign, CPIE Bastia hosts carry out interventions on the port to make boaters aware of good environmental practices.

Ecogestes Méditerranée contributes to the dissemination of messages related to the management of the environment and its uses. In addition, the collection of data on the habits of boaters enriches the knowledge of practices.
In Corsica, the campaign is supported by the DIRMM, the AFB, the OEC and the DREAL of Corsica.

Find below the list of best practices to follow for better management of our environment:

– Protect the posidonia, by dropping anchor on the clear areas to anchor. Download the Donia app to learn about the seabed and avoid anchoring in the seagrass beds.?
– Limit fishing to allowable sizes and species. ?? More infos  www.dirm.mediterranee.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/peche-s…
Report any unusual species to local networks ? Alien Corse Network Do not promote their spread by transport or grubbing up.
– Before going to sea, choose products with little packaging. Take your waste ashore and use the sorting bins.♻️
Choose maintenance products of plant origin or eco-labelled.
Draining Black and Grey Water Recovery Tanks at the Harbour ? on the maintenance area.
Limit water consumption for the flushing of the boat and use a flow reducer. ⚠️?
Have your engine serviced and overhauled regularly by a professional. ?


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