Back to the Saint-Florent Boating Show, 1st edition!

The show ended a little early, due to the harsh weather, but we had two wonderful days with you!

Relive in photos and videos this 1st edition of the Boating Show in Saint-Florent!

Thursday, May 02nd, 2019:

  • Lounge setup: City and Port employees set up to prepare for the show:
    • Set up the stage,
    • Repatriation of barnums, tables and chairs,
    • Mounting of the barnums,
    • Placement of tables and chairs.
  • During this time, Nautical professionals set up their boats in the parking lot and into the marina.

Many thanks to the head of the technical department, Mr. Antonelli and all the employees who did the same work in the opposite direction after the show!

Friday, May 03rd, 2019:

  • Discover the numerous stands present:

    • The CorseaCare and Corsican Blue Project associations and the University of Corsica, represented with the Stella Mare platform, as well as the marine park of Cap Corse and Agriate and CPIE U Marinu which work for the preservation of the environment and a better management of the marine universe. The association of the “friends of the Agriates” represented by Mr. Charles Pinelli who presented us his archaeological discoveries. The boating association and the San Fiurenzu Yachting Club were also present as well as the harbour master’s office.


  • Pleasure side there was choice! Saint-Florent Marine, Corsica Marine, Nauticorse Marchesi and CN Parodi had many boats to show and try.

  • Side stands:
    • sale of diving suits and harpoons on the stand of 2B immersion, reseller epsealon,
      the Sognu Di Pesca store offered reels and fishing rods,
    • charter boats with Dominique Plaisance and possibility to register to pass his boat permit with Boat Ecole Saint-Florent or MareTeam School Boat.
    • The company Adhéstil Protect has made us demonstrations of protective installation on Jet Ski and boat.
    • L’Atelier des couleurs exhibited his work in marine upholstery.
    • The stand of Centrale Corse Bio offered a revolutionary and ecological cleaner made from food oil!
    • Prop Eco Bat moves directly on your boat to clean it ecologically as well.
  • And we do not forget our two artisans: the creator of AS Figarella soaps and Esprit Atelier who had made small fleece fishes for the occasion.
  • The rescue station of Saint-Florent that gave us demonstrations of helipad and percussion survival to celebrate its 130th year of existence!
  • At the end of the morning, the chef of the restaurant L’Europe, Pascal Benvenuti, prepared an excellent recipe based on bar/wolf fish, with hazelnuts from Cervione, rosemary and Nepita!
  • At lunch time, there is no shortage of choices! The Bectoir offered French fries and hot dogs, the association “Jeunesse de Saint-Florent” for drinks, the Darmama with many Moroccan culinary specialties, the wine bar, Miss D and champagne from So Corsu, the cheese fritters of the restaurant l’Alivu in Barbaggio and to finish the lobster pasta of our fishermen Saint-Florentins!

  • At 4pm, SNSM volunteers demonstrated the impact of a life raft with many informative explanations on the content of the raft and how to use it properly. Followed by a demonstration of life jacket inflation.

  • Late in the afternoon, Mr. Guy Meria gave a lecture on the Agriate Trail that attracted more than one!
  • the evening ended in music under a beautiful sunset with the band “Soul Revenge”!

Champagne or (3)

Saturday, May 04th, 2019:

  • The day is off to a great start with a demonstration of heling by SNSM volunteers from Saint-Florent and Dragons 2B pilots!

  • At the end of the morning, France3corse Via Stella and RCFM visit us and interview the exhibitors and the director of the port Mr. Donnini David.

Interview david donnini (5) Interview david donnini (1)

  • At 11am, the SNSM ship set sail with Father Georges Nicoli for a ceremony at sea to pay tribute to the disappeared.
    • Children play fishing on the stand of CPIE U Marinu, but watch out for species that cannot be fished! And parents buy raffle tickets to support the CorseaCare association.

  • At noon, the restaurant stands are full again!


CEMI6693 F7F21B44-227D-47ED-84EC-79C694C97A7C

  • The SNSM volunteers again presented the life raft and inflated life jackets.


  • In the early afternoon, it is the turn of chef Yann Le Scavarec, of the restaurant La Gaffe, to prepare a recipe based on local fishing. This time it will be denti with citrus.

  • The president of the Saint-Florent rescue station, Mr. Dan Muller, the godfather of the lifeboat General Vincent lanata and the president of the SNSM, Xavier De La Gorce gave a speech for the 130 years of the Saint-Florent rescue station.



  • The evening ended again with a beautiful sunset in music with the band “The Spice Men”!

Sunday, May 05th, 2019:

The storm has risen… Wind and rain, this 3rd day will unfortunately be cancelled out of prevention. But it is only part remission…

We hope you enjoyed this first edition!

Many thanks to all stakeholders and participants (speakers, boating and boating professionals, SNSM volunteers, association members, chefs, shopkeepers, artisans and our wonderful facilitator Mr. azara!) who have embarked on this first adventure with us and thanks to the visitors!

Bravo also to Miss Sonia Louis who was able to concretize the idea of the director of the port, Mr. Donnini David by setting up this show of Nauticism and the Plaisance.

Thanks also to Maria Delserre and Melzia for her sublime poster of the show which was so successful!

We apologize to those who were unfortunately unable to speak on Sunday as well as to all the exhibitors, but it is only a token!

See you next year under the sun!


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