New steel floating wharf in Saint Florent’s port

In an optics of optimization of the marina of Saint Florent, new pontoons of 35 in 55m were added, perpendicularly at the West quay, allowing a better access of the moored ships.

These five new pontoons can welcome during the summer season of the boats of passages of 12 in 15m.

Every pontoon has an access to the water and to the electricity.

Nouveaux pontons (2) + logo

The “Seabin Project”

Saint Florent’s marina had the visit in June, 2016 of Peter Ceglinski come from Australia to present its concept of “floating trash cans”, “Tea Seabin Project” (, imagined with his surfer friend Andrew Turton.

They put 4 years to develop “Seabin”, aspiring trash can which catches every types of floating waste, but also soon, pollutants chemical as hydrocarbons or detergent products.

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A new speedboat for the SNSM (French Lifeboat service)

Destroyed by a fire in June, 2014, Conca d’ Oru, speedboat  of the SNSM, allocated to Saint Florent’s station, was replaced and resumed officially the sea after the traditional ceremonies of the blessing and the baptism made in the presence of numerous civil and military personalities. The wife of the mayor of saint Florent, Mrs Pascale Olmeta and general Vincent Lanata, are the godmother and the godfather of the new unity.Read More

Saint Florent’s harbour
While sailing along the occidental coast with its hilly, wild landscapes, you will pass the Mortella’s peak to discover the Saint-Florent’s gulf and, on the background, the village which gave its name to the gulf.
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