Verordnung des Tauchens

Given the prefectural decree N ° 146/2018, regulating scuba diving in fishing kennels created along the coast of Corsica:

You will find below the GPS coordinates of the area which concerns the region of Saint-Florent.

Cantonment of Saint-Florent
Area bounded by a line joining points A, B, D and C and the coastline between points
A and C:
Point A : 42° 47,007’N – 009° 20,390’E
Point B : 42° 47,007’N – 009° 17,440’E
Point C : 42° 43,824’N – 009° 20,540’E
Point D : 42° 43,824’N – 009° 17,440’E

cantonnement de Saint-Florent

Click here to download the decree in its entirety and find all the areas of Corsica.

The reef massif located on the beach of Roya is part of a biotope protection area described in the Decree of May 7, 1998.

In the area defined in Article 1, the following practices are prohibited:

  • the circulation and the anchorage of the boats. However, this prohibition to enter the
    zone does not apply to persons responsible for the supervision and management of
    this zone ;
  • the abandonment, the deposit of detritus of any nature whatsoever. Any rejection, flow,
    direct or indirect deposit of polluting material or liquid, or any fact likely to alter
    the quality of the environment is forbidden;
  • the introduction and collection of marine plant species, irrespective of their stage of
    development, except for authorization issued for scientific purposes, by joint decree of the
    Minister for Nature Protection and the Minister for Maritime Fisheries;
  • the practice of underwater fishing.

A biotope protection zone is established on the public maritime domain located within the perimeter delimited by the following points:

Point A : 42o 40’ 56’’ Nord ; 9o 17’ 35’’ Est ;
Point B : 42o 40’ 63’’ Nord ; 9o 17’ 36’’ Est ;
Point C : 42o 40’ 78’’ Nord ; 9o 17’ 45’’ Est ;
Point D : 42o 40’ 78’’ Nord ; 9o 17’ 53’’ Est ;
Point E : 42o 40’ 58’’ Nord ; 9o 17’ 55’’ Est ;
Point F : 42o 40’ 56’’ Nord ; 9o 17’ 55’’ Est.

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