5 Questions aux agents portuaires (1)

5 questions to port agents

We will propose a series of reports to better understand life on the port of Saint-Florent.

We begin this series with the port masters:

  • Alexandre Tomasini & Antoine Canosi as well as
  • Jean-Baptiste Fratacci, port officer.

1- What is your role at the port of Saint-Florent?

First of all, our activity is divided into two parts, because the work varies greatly between summer (May to October) and winter (October to May).

In winter, we prepare for the summer season, because the most important things are those that do not see themselves as for example underwater work, the creation and laying of dead bodies, but also the chains and mooring of boats. We regularly maintain the port, setting up the organization and securing of the body of water which consists in the verification of the living works of the port and the arrangement of the ships.

We also ensure that the water is clean. We have started a project to improve the port and reduce energy consumption (water and electricity). We intervene on water leaks and electrical problems with the providers of the port. The safety of port facilities is a priority for us.

In the summer, we have to manage seasonal crews and the arrival of boaters. The main activity is the mooring of boats.

In addition, we need to link seasonal workers to management and report to the director.

2 – Yet, one might think that your work is limited to the summer season (July-August)?

No, this may seem surprising to you, but no, because the work done upstream makes it easier for us to prepare for the season is a much more physical job and requires us to be present at all times. During the summer season, we do more management. It is important to know that every summer we recruit 30 seasonal workers, so it is necessary to train them. It’s a complex job, because we have a very large influx of tourists. In addition, we are the maritime gateway of the village that also requires us to have skills in reception. It is true that the period of July, August has as a peculiarity to be intense since it is focused on two months. This year, for example, we tied up about 3,400 boats.

3 – What are the different challenges you face?

Weather conditions put additional constraints on us.

We are obliged to remain vigilant every day. It is essential to row the boats in full storm (rain, wind).

On the other hand, it is necessary to remain attentive, because with each storm, we have the river that flows into our port and this causes greater damage.

4 -For you, is the environmental part important?

Oh yes, yes! The port has been engaged for several years in an environmental approach with the obtaining of the blue flag label and more recently of the certification clean port, besides some of us have carried out internships and trainings in this field. We fight every day to ensure that every boater reduces their water and electricity consumption.

We also ensure that the maintenance products of the boats are organic. Every day, we sort the waste collected from the body of water that is weighed and then distributed to a company.

Each summer, we collaborate with CPIE u Marinu (Permanent Centre of Environment Initiative) to promote eco-gestures both inside and outside the port. As an example, we remind boaters not to get wet in the posidonia. Finally, the Port of Saint-Florent is located in the heart of the Marine Park, it is very important for us to set an example.

5 – What is your winter activity?

Every morning, winter and summer, I am responsible for lifting up all the boats in the harbour.

The difference is that in the winter, there are fewer passing boats. My main mission is therefore to check that there are no boats without rights or titles.

I also have to make sure that the boats are properly moored. Once my tasks have been completed, I inform the management of the malfunctions I have been able to observe in the harbour and I make all my contribution in the common work.