The Mayor’s wishes for this year 2020

„Dear Saint-Florentines, dear Saint-Florentins,

A new year awaits us, and City Council joins me in wishing you all the best for happiness, success and health. May 2020 be a year of satisfaction and opportunity for all of you, marked by prosperity and serenity.


At the beginning of this year, our thoughts turn to those who are in pain, afflicted by grief, illness and subjected to the vagaries of precariousness.

The past few months have been particularly dynamic for our community and I would like to take this opportunity to salute the work of our community employees who demonstrate their dedication to serving our city every day.

Several structuring projects have just been completed and others are being implemented. Road and network improvements were carried out in several neighbourhoods to meet the development needs of Saint-Florent. Our municipal school has been redesigned and will undergo new extensions, particularly in view of the opening of a new class.

The marina continues to modernize, while maintaining a high level of environmental requirements.

Despite the restriction of resources affecting local communities, these projects were implemented without cutting the financial future of our commune through sound management consisting in constantly seeking sources of savings and anticipating investments.

The year 2020 will see the completion of new projects. In progress, a multi-purpose complex must be delivered at the end of the first semester. This new infrastructure, modern and spacious, will accommodate many cultural and sporting activities.

At the same time, new developments have already been launched within the port area. Soon, a new bridge on the Aliso, rotatable for the master’s service cars and emergency vehicles, will make communication more efficient between the west dock and the downtown. This achievement is part of a larger project concerning the Aliso and the Roya via the development of a promenade, a new playground and a space for young people.

In the wake of these projects, 2020 will be the year of beautiful concretizations: strengthening of parking capacities, requalification of the cathedral road, finalisation of the local urban plan…

Let us guarantee that all these projects take shape in the interest of all and can unite us around the unwavering passion that we maintain for our commune. We will see to it that the march ahead of Saint Florent continues and intensifies.

Pace è salute à tutti !“

Claudy Olmeta,

Mayor of Saint-Florent.


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