Combining blue economy and environment

The director of the port, David Donnini was the guest of the show „Via Nova“ on France3 Corsica Via Stella this Tuesday 15 October 2019. The theme of the show: how to combine blue economy and environment.

The port of Saint-Florent has been involved in an environmental process for several years.

Actions are always carried out with an attentive look to the environment, the port of Saint-Florent has obtained for the 5th consecutive year the label „Blue flag“ and is being certified „Port Propre“ soon. 

The maintenance area, also known as the refit area, is particularly capable of filtering polluted cleaning water that is discharged at sea. More information about the service area by clicking here.

Environmental projects are mostly carried out on equity, which lengthens lead times over several years and represents a significant cost to municipalities.

Harbour staff also receive training each year to raise awareness among school and boaters of an environmental message about good practices at sea and at port: anchorages, boat cleaning, water management, energy conservation…


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