Saint Florent’s marina had the visit in June, 2016 of Peter Ceglinski come from Australia to present its concept of “floating trash cans”, “Tea Seabin Project” (, imagined with his surfer friend Andrew Turton.

They put 4 years to develop “Seabin”, aspiring trash can which catches every types of floating waste, but also soon, pollutants chemical as hydrocarbons or detergent products.

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Ideally, this floating bins is to be placed on surface on a stretch of water quiet as we can find at the level of ports, marinated or lakes. Courrants moves closer naturally to pollutants of the trash can, it inhales them as soon as they pass nearby.

A water pump, of low consumption (500Watt), placed on the quay, inhale the water through the top of the trash can: the water gets through the pump before leaving cleansed at sea. A separator with hydrocarbons is also in project.

“Seabin” can to her alone intercept bottles, plastic bags, covered bags and cigarette ends (two of the waste the most collected every year)… But also balls of micro-plastic so small as 2 millimeters in diameter, responsible for ecological disasters in particular in the Antarctic ocean. Furthermore, the device allows to separate the oily materials (as the oil or the cleaner) some water, to cleanse it.

Even if this system is small-sized and of low consumption, its advantage is that it can work 24heures/24, 7 days a week, every day of the year. In the trash can “Seabin”, is a bag in natural fibers where is collected waste. When the bag is full, you have to empty him to reuse him, after a sorting of the collected waste.

Having obtained the necessary funds due to the investment of Poralu Marine, Andrew and Peter were able to realize their finalized “Seabin” and in May, 2018 we were able to install its revolutionary trash cans in our port.
We are very proud to be the first port of Corsica to have installed this system and we hope that others we shall quickly follow!