For the third consecutive year, the marina of Saint-Florent hosted on Sunday evening the last stage of the Corsica Classic. Organized for the 9th edition, this magnificent regatta of old rigs in the Mediterranean has made a tour of Corsica through a dream course between Ajaccio and Saint-Florent since August 24th.

Skipper of the “Mister Fips”, a beautiful vintage wooden sailboat and in the spirit of tradition, Yann Le Bunetel is a regular in the regatta for five years. He recounts his experience.


What does the Corsica Classic represent for you?

This is the first regatta of the winter season and a superb route through seven ports along Corsican shores. It is also an opportunity to discover to the islanders these beautiful “old ladies”, sometimes centenarians, who take us from port to port. I have been taking part in the Corsica Classic for five years, and I realize how much Corsica offers beautiful bodies of water and golf courses that are perfect for sailing.

Why did you participate in the regatta for five years?

It all started with a meeting with the organizer, Thibault Assante. His plan to make a regatta in Corsica interested me a lot. Since then, the Corsica Classic allows me to discover at every step of new cities. Through partnerships with the shops, restaurateurs and chefs at each drop-off point, I learned to appreciate local specialties and to discover every place that has welcomed us.

What is your point of view of the Saint-Florent stage?

For three years, it is a magnificent extension of the Corsica Classic. The stage of Saint-Florent allowed us to continue the adventure and discover a place that has no equivalent: the gulf that houses the village and the port. He is now part of the race. And we come back with great pleasure every year.

Photos of the Corsica Classic in Saint-Florent

Article from the newspaper Corse Matin from Tuesday, September 4, 2018