The artificial nurseries, Biohut®, installed in the marina of Saint Florent, celebrated their 2 years!

Biohut® is an artificial habitat that rehabilitates the ecological nursery function of small rocky and sandy bottoms that have been degraded by the construction of coastal development (ports, outlets, offshore wind farms, etc.).

The role of Biohut® placed in various strategic locations in the port of Saint-Florent is to replace the nursery subtracted by the man and thus to restore the natural cycle.

This video explains the interest of Biohut and its use in ports. You can discover the manufacture, installation and efficiency of these fish nurseries very rich in biodiversity.

Thanks to the different types of Biohut®, wharves, pontoons and coastal developments are becoming refuges of biodiversity for many marine coastal species.

The biologists of the Stareso marine station regularly carry out ecological monitoring and have studied the first results of the study, which have been very positive! Ten small Puntazzos present in Biohut® and other very interesting species … The blue water of our island would be very favorable and receptive to the growth of post-larvae.

Today, two years after their installation, the Biohut® were again observed to take stock of these two years spent in the waters of the port of Saint-Florent.

On this occasion, two classes of CP and CE1 / CE2 from Saint Florent primary school were present and participated with Ecocean in educational workshops that allowed children to understand the value of ecological restoration.

Two Biohut® cages were taken out of the water and the children took great pleasure in sorting the species found inside by immersing them in aquariums. Several species have been observed as marbled crabs, prawns or eels!

The children also participated in activities and workshops led by the agents of the Office of the Environment of Corsica and the marine park of Cap Corse and Agriate, on the preservation of marine ecosystems. They were very attentive and provided a lot of answers to agents’ questions.

The afternoon ended with a snack, (eagerly awaited!) On the placette of the wind rose in front of the harbor master’s office.

Find below the images of this day rich in learning and discovery, find also all the videos of the day on our account instagram @port_saint_florent in the videos to the front page.

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