On Saturday, June 23rd at noon, on the whole French coast of metropolis and overseas, all the users of the sea are invited to participate in the ‘Mille SNSM‘, the event suppor of the National Day of Rescuers at sea, to greet the action of 8000 volunteers of the association. A big maritime gathering for a big national cause!

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“Rescuers at sea are available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day to help us, let’s mobilize all 1 day in the year to support them!” Xavier de la Gorce, President of the SNSM.

With this bottle in the sea, the ‘Mille SNSM’ invites the sailors, the followers of nautical activities, the Navy, the fishermen and all the professionals of the sea to travel a symbolic thousand in honor of Rescuers, the same day at the same time: meeting on Saturday, June 23rd at 12 am!


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