Report of France3Corse ViaStella on the port of Saint-Florent.

The 2018 season seems to be flourishing in the marinas of the island. While attendance is on the rise in Ajaccio and Bonifacio displays full in Saint-Florent, the largest marina in Corsica, overnight stays have increased by 6% compared to last year.

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Posted on 27/08/2018 at 19:11 Updated on 27/08/2018 at 19:15

It is the end of August and attendance begins to decline in the largest port of Corsica. There is no question of slackening: the 22 or so seasonal employees are still at work.

“This afternoon we will manage all the boats that arrive. We arrange to find a place for those who have not booked in advance, moor them and everything that goes with “, explains Sébastien, pontonnier

“Everything that goes with it”, that is to say the small services provided to boaters. And to continue to attract a varied clientele, the port of Saint-Florent puts on its proximity.

First marina of France
“It’s very family-friendly, even if you’re in Corsica, you think there will be a lot of people, a lot of tourists, we find a village, with its soul,” says Brigitte, a French tourist.

A village soul but important infrastructures: with 960 rings available, the marina of Saint-Florent is the first of Corsica. Tourists come more and more every year.

“Today, there are 13,000 overnight stays, which is quite important,” says David Donnini, Saint Florent port manager, “we’re up from last year. increase on large units from the month of July, which was higher than last year.And in August a similar attendance to last year.

Next step: attract very large units, boats over 48 meters long.

To ensure this service, a substantial investment will be necessary: a mooring box costs almost 200,000 euros.

Saint-Florent: increasing attendance in the largest marina of Corsica
Speakers – Sébastien, pontonnier // Federico, italian tourist // Brigitte, french tourist // David Donnini, port manager of Saint-Florent // Team – Kael Serreri, Cassandre Dumain