Practical information

Marina office opening hours:


Weather forecasting:

  • Displayed every day from 8h00 to 17h30 at the marina office.
  • Broadcasted round-the-clock on a screen, visible at the marina office visible day and night.
  • You may also check the sea weather forecast by following this link:

Marina office reception:

 The marina office carries out:

  • The reception
  • The settlement of the harbour spaces (annual contracts and passage spaces)
  • Many services (weather, toilet bloc, nautical information…)
  • All of the account managements related to the marina.


Marina office entrance:


The Marina office is located on the Quay of Honour, in front of Saint Anne’s church.

  • Latitude: 42°N 40’ 48’’ 193
  • Longitude: 9°E 17’ 51’’ 219

Seafaring in the harbour

The Saint-Florent’s harbour informs you:

  • The communication channel is channel 9.
  • The maximal regulatory speed in the harbour is 5 knots.
  • In the high season, the significant harbour traffic requires the highest vigilance.
  • Geographical coordinates at the entrance of the harbour : 42°40’48”18 N /9°17’51”40E

Water and electricity:

The Saint-Florent’s harbour informs you:

  • Most of the pontoons and quays have terminals that give out water and electricity.
  • The boaters have to control the use of water with automatic stop guns.
  • Some of the terminals have 16amp plugs and some others 32amp plugs.
  • The sets 53 to 65, located on the Quay of Honour, have 63amp and 125amp plugs.
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Saint Florent’s harbour
While sailing along the occidental coast with its hilly, wild landscapes, you will pass the Mortella’s peak to discover the Saint-Florent’s gulf and, on the background, the village which gave its name to the gulf.
  • Capitainerie de Saint-Florent - 20217 St-Florent
  • Phone: +33(0)
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