Fishermen were in the spotlight this Sunday, June 02, 2019 for the celebration of their Patron Saint.

The ceremony began at 6pm in the church of Sainte-Anne with the mass celebrated by Father Georges NICOLI.

Saint Erasmus, restored to the Golden Leaf in 2015, was taken in procession at sea, accompanied by the Brotherhood of Santa Croce and the Saint-Florentins, until the lighthouse of Tignosu.

All the boats participating in the procession were invited to take a time of prayer in memory of all those who died at sea and a bouquet of flowers was thrown into the sea in their memory.

Let us remember that St Erasme – originally from Antioch, which at the time was Syrian, lived around 280 A.D.

The origin of this patronage is attributed to the fact that he was preaching when a storm suddenly broke out: terror had seized the assistance and it was seen around him that lightning had spared him.

Since then, the sailors have given the name of “Feux Saint Elme” to the luminous egrets that they sometimes see at the ends of the masts of their boats.