You will find the exact locations of the 7 bag dispensers for canine droppings installed throughout the harbour on the harbour map and the photos attached.

  1. Behind the parking lot that leads to the Aliso’s footbridge,
  2. On the “new dock” on the Aliso side, accessible from the bridge,
  3. At the bottom of the paid parking lot, in front of the offices of the SNSM and the maintenance area (sorting containers in front of the offices of the maintenance area),
  4. Also behind the paid parking but on the road side, next to it is a yellow sorting container for packaging (ice cream jars, for example!),
  5. On the quays at the foot of zone “T” just before the main quay,
  6. At the top of the “T” platform next to the sorting containers,
  7. At the bottom of the port, at the parking lot, next to the sorting containers.

🚱 These dispensers are accompanied by garbage cans which, let’s not forget, are exclusively reserved for bags containing dog waste!

♻️ Sorting containers are located near the distributors to dispose of other types of waste:

  • yellow bin = packaging,
  • green bin = glass,
  • blue bin = paper.
  • Everything else = gray garbage.

🚭In another detail, ashtrays have also been installed along the platforms, at the harbour office and at the office of the maintenance area, for 2 years!

Good day to everyone!

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