Following the last announcements of the President of the Republic and the publication of the governmental decree no. 2020-724 of 14 June 2020, the provisions of the decree of the marine prefect of the Mediterranean no. 104/2020 of 2 June 2020 were not renewed beyond 15 June 00 hours.

As a result:

  • Nautical events are authorised subject to compliance with the conditions defined by the state of health emergency;
  • Vessels coming from the Schengen area are authorised to call, moor or stop in French internal and territorial waters.
  • Nevertheless, some Schengen countries may still prohibit the access of recreational vessels in their waters;
    Nautical activities are authorised within the limits of the prerogatives of the Mediterranean Maritime Prefect.

At sea, the following measures[1] contribute to the prudence and vigilance of all users:

  • All pleasure craft from abroad intending to call, moor or stop in French inland or territorial waters must report to the Regional Operational Centre for Monitoring and Rescue of the Mediterranean (CROSS-Med) its health situation;
  • Similarly, any vessel, regardless of its flag, must report to CROSS-Med any suspected or proven case of COVID-19 on board a vessel. More generally, at sea, the CROSS and the semaphores are the interlocutors of the ships for any abnormal situation.

After several weeks of inactivity for crews and boaters, and therefore a period without checking and routine maintenance of the equipment, the Marine Prefecture recommends to proceed before any sea trip to:

  • verification of his physical condition.
  • verification of the general condition of the vessel (engine, sails, anchorage, etc.);
  • compliance and condition of mandatory safety equipment;
  • control of the manoeuvring capacity;
  • verification of the reception conditions of the port of destination.

Finally, the maritime prefecture recalls that it is essential to have a means of communication with charged battery to reach the CROSS Med if necessary (at 196 from any phone or channel 16 by VHF).

[1] See Prefectural Decree No. 123/2019 laying down the general framework for the anchoring and stopping of ships in the French inland and territorial waters of the Mediterranean;

See Prefectural Decree No. 038/2020 laying down detailed rules for the application to ships anchored in the French territorial and internal waters of the Mediterranean of the governmental measures of health control decided to deal with the epidemic of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).